01 February 2022, 09:00 AM

The Data Collection Center is Awarded RFID Inventory System and Method Patent

Shady Shores, TX – January 31st, 2022 – The Data Collection has been awarded patent number 11,132,641 for RFID Inventory System and Method!

The Data Collection Center is constantly looking to add different technology offerings that we think can help our customers solve business problems. We have always attempted to discover different RFID applications and seamlessly add to our platform so that our customers can quickly enjoy the benefits!

That being said, we have been awarded RFID Inventory System and Method patent number 11,132,641 that addresses a common RFID system use. Now you should be able to easily walk into a tool crib/bin location area with a handheld RFID unit, wand an area and determine what is missing and/or what is there but should not be! This process can address items which are missing or in the wrong location. Even if you do not completely read all items in single a pass (A common occurrence based on item/tag location/orientation), you can continue the wand process, updating the list as you go! 

Tool rooms are a common area where loss can be rather high due to the number of transfers that might be missed or captured incorrectly with a manual process. Now you will not need to spend hours locating tools or purchasing more tools because you cannot find the tools you have! You can simply use a handheld device (Contact us for the approved list of devices) and “wand” this inventory! The device will immediately let you know what is missing and what is there that shouldn’t be! The result is our customer being able to quickly resolve inventory issues!

“We are excited at the application possibilities we can now offer to our customers! RFID Technologies have been around for a while BUT the applications to deal with this high-speed data collection technology have historically been complicated and/or expensive! The added benefits that we can offer at a reasonable price and quick implementation allows us to expand our reach into more RFID applications! I’m almost as excited as when I see ducks landing in my decoy spread!”, mentioned Marshall Ellis, Director of Product Development. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions about what this could mean for you!

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