17 January 2023, 10:25 AM

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everybody and hope 2023 turns out to be a good one for all! As we say goodbye to 2022 let’s review…

A few interesting stats about 2022:

  • We processed over 1 MILLION RFID Tags!
  • We processed more than 2 MILLION BARCODES!
  • We captured more than 10,000 signatures!
  • We captured almost 10,000 images!
  • We recorded close to 2000 device drops (Physically dropping the device close to 5ft to the floor) YIKES??? What is happening out there???
  • We also recorded (AND PREVENTED) close to 10,000 invalid data entry errors (Entering the wrong characters or scanning the wrong barcode)! Truly, the world will not be perfect with us humans around !
  • We implemented 8 updates to the Customer Console which involved various improvements/fixes!
  • We implemented 12 updates to our Android device client application which also involved various improvements/fixes!
  • Our custom software group wrote more than 100,000 lines of code last year!


We had a great year at DCC and are thankful to all of you guys who made it happen!



We are happy to announce a new release coming in Feb/Mar timeframe! We have been asked more and more in the past years to develop a simple scan and print application. An application that simply prints a label of the barcode that is scanned. It sounds simple enough but the problem is that it almost always comes down to developing a custom application that must be loaded to the device with a hardcoded label template. While this can work, any changes to the label require a change to the code which involves more testing and deployment which adds cost! 

We have now added a new product called Scan-N-Print which answers these problems! We have developed a standard set of label templates and added a new sub-product of our Warehouse Management System (IdyllicWMS) called Scan-N-Print. Choose one of our standard templates and pay no setup cost! Now you have this simple app available for less than a few bucks a day (Support included!). Scan-N-Print uses our standard device client software and provides an easy migration path to other transactions for inventory so you can grow as your needs change!



DCC Version 14:

Probably the biggest changes coming in 2023 will be DCC Version 14! Coming in Q1 (Hopefully ) will be our largest release ever with the highest number of improvements!

We will be introducing our new database technology DCC INMEM! This will quicken searches and lessen the space needed for your data (Some of this technology is already in use)!

This will be a subtle change with few differences in the UI but under the hood it is like adding a supercharger to our engine! Stay tuned for more details on the release date!

We are also adding video training links, a new technical support case tracking system and a few other improvements!


DCC Email:

As you know our email provider had some technical issues in December. It turns out that they were hacked. Now they have determined that no data was stolen and have fixed the issue but it was an outage that caused us to eventually switch providers.

Our email has been running normally for a few weeks now. We had to switch providers but it looks like all went well. If you are expecting a reply and have not seen it then please let me know! Does not look like we missed anything BUT it’s possible!


Thank you

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