08 July 2024, 12:06 PM


Shady Shores, TX – July 8th, 2024 – The Data Collection completes the IdyllicWMS Version 15 update.

Per our last announcement a few weeks back, we have updated to IdyllicWMS 15!


Our Dashboard and Charts module is now available on a special preview basis through the rest of the year!

Easily see who are your best employees, largest customers, most popular products!

Reach out to us to find out more…




Release Summary:

  •          Dashboard

o   We now have a complete set of internal dashboard tools for charts and graphs. See your highest volume products, best warehouse employees, busiest bin locations and much more!

  •          Shopify Integration

o   Download and fill orders from Shopify

  •          Sage50 Integration

o   Update inventory in the popular Sage50 Accounting application.

  •          RFID Custom Tag Mapping

o   We have added a custom tag mapping capability that allows to write all type of data to your custom tags with extended memory and functionality.

  •          RFID Tools

o   Added more RFID Testing tools.

Added a quick EPC decoder/encoder in our console to help you validate your EPC tags encoding.

  •        Weather Conditions

o   Now see the current weather conditions of all your warehouses to help determine the best place to fill orders.

  •          Various Enhancements

o   Android Client is quicker and uses less memory.

o   Site UI Improvements. We’re constantly finding new better ways to present information!


Be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions about what this could mean for you!



The Data Collection Center

The Data Collection is a software development company headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex which develops cloud-based platforms that enable customers to easily use data collection technologies such as bar-code and radio frequency identification (RFID) to improve their data capturing capabilities with little to no coding! They provide three main platform products:


IdyllicWMS – Warehouse management system which allows Receiving, Put Away, Cycle Counting, Picking and Shipping.

CSVCollector – Generic data collection system for simply data collection such scanning items and sending to a spreadsheet.

MachineWatch – Manufacturing software system which allows companies to track manufacturing work orders through their production system.


They also offer customer programming across multiple platforms for all types of businesses.



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