26 June 2024, 11:51 AM

The Data Collection Center Release Version 15

Shady Shores, TX – June 26th, 2024 – The Data Collection announces a new major release for the IdyllicWMS!

In our 14th year of business, we have completed the initial development and are in major systems testing with IdyllicWMS 15. July 6th we will release our most comprehensive update EVER!


Just a few highlights…

  •        Dashboard

o   We now have a complete set of internal dashboard tools for charts and graphs. See your highest volume products, best warehouse employees, busiest bin locations and much more!

  •        Shopify Integration

o   Download and fill orders from Shopify

  •        Sage50 Integration

o   Update inventory in the popular Sage50 Accounting application.

  •        RFID Custom Tag Mapping

o   We have added a custom tag mapping capability that allows to write all type of data to your custom tags with extended memory and functionality.

  •        RFID Tools

o   Added more RFID Testing tools.

o   Added a quick EPC decoder/encoder in our console to help you validate your EPC tags encoding!

  •        Various Enhancements

o   Android Client is quicker and uses less memory.

o   Site UI Improvements. We’re constantly finding new better ways to present information! 


“We are finally going to be able to let the developers out of the dungeon to breathe some fresh air for a few minutes! I’m always excited this time of the year when we celebrate our country’s birth and this makes me about as excited Washington must have been at the end of the battle of Saratoga!”, mentioned Marshall Ellis, Director of Product Development. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions about what this could mean for you!

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