Machine Watch

Machine Watch (Work in Process)

MachineWatch Work In Process software to help you better track production through your all of your manufacturing facilities.


  • Easy to implement (Up in minutes).
  • Cloud computing model (Can be hosted locally as well).
  • Completely integrated with most Windows Mobile hand held computers.
  • No programming required!
  • Build your own custom transaction sets with your rules.
  • Scan raw materials out of your inventory and attach to a work order.
  • Track your machine time per job number for each operator.
  • No huge system infrastructure required.


  • Real-time visibility to production (See what you're producing NOW).
  • Save material handling costs by deducting from your inventory more accurately.
  • Track your product costs more accurately.
  • Save time by being able to utilize production equipment more effectively.
  • Should show VERY quick ROI!

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