06 March 2018, 12:00 AM

The Data Collection Center Releases Version 8


March 5th 2018 Shady Shores Texas

The Data Collection Center announced its release of version 8 this AM. This also marks the 8th year in business and positive growth! Marshall Ellis, the head of New Product Development stated, “We continue to change as our customers usage model changes. We installed several monitoring capabilities in version 7 last year that allowed the system to learn how our customers have been using our product. Our product learned how it is being used and was able to tell us perhaps how we can make it even easier for our customers. This new AI capability in our code should continue to help us improve our product! We are forecasting that our customers should save almost half the number of clicks in our console product! This is VERY exciting for us and hope that this translates into even more savings for our customers!”

A few highlights from Version 8:

  • This new release improved the console UI and reduces the number of clicks by almost half! We have been monitoring our customers’ usage over the past year in version 7 and have been able to make certain improvements based on the most common click behaviors!
  • We have improved our Android client capabilities! We will continue to make more changes and improvements in the Android as the rugged mobile device population starts to migrate to this platform!
  • We have added a new Sandbox capability so that our customers can design test and review changes without affecting their live environment.
  • UI quicker. We have moved our support capabilities from the older browsers to the new browser versions which has quickened the response time!
  • RFID Product Improvements. The RFID Controller product has improved over the past year and we have added a few more manufacturers to our list of supported readers (Impinj, Alien).



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